Black Betty (our GeoRide) is now trackable!

The Memfis Mafia has purchased their first trackable code and made our GeoRide Black Betty discoverable. The slight wrinkle we did not anticipate is that the windows are tinted ridiculously dark. Oops. That means the cling is now affixed to the front window so while discoverable, it will only be so while standing still or parked. Eh, oh well – it will have to do for now.

We hope to have it discovered a few times while at GeocoinFest 2012 in Denver this weekend, tonight actually. We go to check in and the opening ceremony tonight and we really don’t know what to expect but are excited to see how a Mega Event goes.

We also grabbed a few extra travel bugs at the same time so we want to release those at the event too. The only problem is we have limited time to prepare our props to attach to the travel bugs. We have one Jeep painted but really want to release at least two at the same time -so they can race!

The unfortunate thing is that it looks like some typically unpredictable Colorado weather is moving in. It is shaping up to be very cold and we might even get a little of the white stuff. Sweet! It may make for a cold and difficult find for some nearby caches but it will make the 4X4 adventure on Sunday that much cooler.

We will add our reactions to the opening ceremony tonight.


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