GeocoinFest 2012 – our impressions

The Memfis Mafia attended their first mega when we went to GeocoinFest 2012 this last weekend in Denver. The event was eye opening and an introduction to those that are serious about the game. There were very cool displays of coins, and GPS units, and t-shirts, and well… anything you could think of to sell or buy. It was like any other CON – filled with casual observers and hardcore cachers.

We all had different impressions of the event but I will summarize them here.  First, I want to give props to the sponsors and volunteers for the event. While those working for Groundspeak where getting paid, the volunteers were not and were doing it for the “sport.” So – good on them. Moving on to the other positives; there were a lot of genuinely friendly people in attendance that were willing to speak with and teach many aspects of the game to newbies like us. Again, this speaks positively of the people generally involved with geocaching.

It wasn’t all rainbows and travel bugs however, as there were some people who were simply out of control. There were various rude people in attendance that were over eager to get to tables and displays. My wife reported to me that she was pushed out of the way more than once by (usually ancient) cachers that were trying to get to the booths. That is simply ridiculous. Settle down people. Those few little incidents, left a bad impression with GeoWifey. Overall, I think she and the girls had fun but they won’t soon forget the handful of rude geocachers. I know people really get into their hobbies but in a game where most of it is on the honor system, people need to consider conducting themselves better.

We would be by comparison, to most at least, considered casual geocachers. It is viewed among our family as fun but does not engross our lives. We have not gone crazy and forgotten how to act. This probably has to do with the fact that during the past twelve months we have not had the best schedule for family activities. However-

Finally, finally, FINALLY, this has changed a little. So, with a slightly better schedule and a renewed enthusiasm from attending GeocoinFest 2012, we hope to accomplish quite a bit within our hobby in the upcoming year.

On our list of goals is:

  • publish some unusual caches in our area
  • promote more group caching in our area
  • develop our first pathtag or coin (the girls are pushing this one)
  • create and promote photo challenges
  • blog (here) about our family geocaching adventures
  • go on more 4X4 geocache adventures

We have some other ideas that we will develop and blog about if things turn out right.


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