Elaborate geoaches – are they worth it?

cache containers

We have our first very own multi-stage cache prepared and ready to deploy. Woohoo! Now comes the time when you question if all of that work will be worth it. Well?

To create this cache, we brainstormed for a while as to what we had not seen in our area. Once we thought about it and discussed it at length, we came up with the idea to put out a series of caches that not only had an interesting theme but that had a complete storyline with characters, artwork, a website and more.

At this point GeoWifey was already questioning whether I was going overboard. To her credit, historically, this would not be a surprise.

With a story in place, it was time to scout locations. I then spent weeks driving through alleys and looking for locations inside the city that balanced “hidden away” with “hard enough” to get to.

The next step was to find or construct containers that would not just be interesting but that would tie into the story. After another couple of weeks, I feel fairly confident that I have an impressive mix of a found (purchased) container, an ammo can with hopefully impressive artwork, and one subtle but sneaky container. Too much trouble? Remains to be seen…

Badge Travel Bug

So now with the story constructed, the containers assembled, and the cache stocked with the appropriate props, I’m ready right? Not quite. We need something more. How about multiple themed travel bugs and prizes? Sweet, a quick trip to the store and we found some. We have badge,gun, and handcuff TBs and Junior Detective Kits for the younger cachers.

Feeling pretty good about the state of this project, I get all this assembled and go over it one more time with GeoWifey. Her response is that it may be too much. “Is anybody really going to read all of that?” Ouch – a punch in the gut. But, maybe she is right.

My intention was to construct a new type of geocache experience for my area. One that incorporates a complete storyline, on an  online presence, and a continuing saga that will hopefully have people anticipating the next installment and enjoying the experience. The cache should be released later this week and I guess I will see whether it was worth it.

What is your opinion? Is there a point in putting all of this effort into a cache? Do people want the background and an immersive experience or just a smiley?


8 thoughts on “Elaborate geoaches – are they worth it?

    1. Oops, sorry for the premature publish, hopefully you didn’t see the blog before too much was corrected. I have it finished now. Thanks for the comment for whatever version you saw.

      I guess only time (and maybe favorite points or logs) will tell if the effort was worth it.

  1. Jesse we all have to realize that as hiders there will be those who go through and appreciate all the extensive work/time/labor we put into our hides and then there will be the number whores who are just going after a stat or smiley. I for one am so very stoked to find this when it publishes because for me its about the journey, the adventure, and fun of it all!

  2. I truly appreciate these types of caches. We have done several “adventure” caches as we refer to them. One in particular took about 7 hours and had us all over Denver. Totally worth it and if numbers are your goal, there are plenty of 1 stars along the way to hit.

    1. Grizzly, my favorite by far are the caches that take a while to either get to or complete. GeoWifey on the other hand leans towards quantity even going so far as enjoying the dreaded LPCs. That is one cool thing about this hobby, there is something for everyone.

      I just hope there are enough like me in the area that will have fun with this one.

  3. I am a new cacher & I think caches of this nature is what it is all about…Still learning but I am looking forward to do this one..

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