Geocache containers – how many details are enough?

adding minute details

I don’t know the answer to that question….yet.

I spent a while this morning working on what the GeoWifey would call – silly details. GeoWifey has often claimed that I get caught up in the details and make projects “way bigger than they need to be.” While she is right (but don’t tell her I said that), I refuse to admit it. That is where I have most of the fun in a project – little details and huge overblown projects.

This particular example:

This is the debut cache for Detective Reece so I found a huge trunk for the final stage. The trunk itself is cool enough to put out without any alterations. In fact, I have not been lucky enough to encounter anything like this in my short time as a geocacher. So, I should be satisfied right? Seriously? Of course not. I decided I wanted to add a few geocaching logos to this antique trunk. If I am going to spend all of that time adding logos I should make them stand out in order to get maximum recognition for my efforts, right?

Don’t be ridiculous. That would not fit with this storyline and would just be me saying – “Hey look at this cool container.” Nope, I added black geocaching logos onto a black container. While they will probably be hard to see once the container is finally placed out into the wild, I will know they are there. Additionally, ‘geeks’ (GeoWifey’s word not mine) like me that obsess over details will enjoy them.

I am also playing with a way to add a cool look to the cache page. I haven’t completely figured that one out yet but I will. The next step is to add some background for Detective Reece. Other info soon to be reported…themed travel bugs originating from this cache.


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