Is taking on Munzee?

Geocaching vs Munzee

Well, duh? I think it is pretty straight forward that is working on stealing or absorbing Munzee‘s players. A QR challenge? Ok they labeled it differently but … its a Munzee. Do I care that they seem to be blatantly copying from another game? Not really. Especially if they can improve upon it.

I don’t know how well Munzee is doing nationwide, I just know that it hasn’t really caught on in my area. I have checked back on several occasions and there are currently only two active Munzee’s in my city. To add to that, I went to go scan the closest one and it didn’t scan. That may have been because it was dark or there was a problem with my app; it really doesn’t matter. The point is that Munzee hasn’t grabbed me the way that Geocaching did.

Yes, I know that some areas have more Munzees than others. I also know that there are other geocaching services besides That is all irrelevant. I use Groundspeak’s version because it works better for me. The same with Munzee. I don’t really care much about them because they are not convenient for me.

Speaking of convenience, I am still on the fence as far as challenges go because I can not complete them on my mobile device. I think that challenges would really take off if you could grab them while you were out, spur of the moment, like you can geocaches. The exciting thing for me about this new info is that it hints that there will be some mobile access for challenges. Wouldn’t that be nice?

So, what do you think? Would challenges (or the new Munzees) be more fun if you could just whip out your phone and seek and complete them on the fly?


8 thoughts on “Is taking on Munzee?

  1. I am not a fan of challenges as I don’t consider them geocaches (and they are not supposed to be). My wife does like them, and on that note she had the same moble issue that you do. I did some research to help her in an aspect of the games that she enjoys, and found a moble app just for challenges. Go to the Play store and search “Challenges Geocache” and you will see the grounspeak app for challenges. Just passing it along.

  2. I was introduced to Munzee by a fellow geocacher. I found some and placed some. But I just cannot get into it.
    The QR code did give be an idea though. I started making wooden geo-swag with a graphic on one side and a QR code on the other. If you scan the QR code on the coin it takes you to my Lowcountry Geocaching page on Facebook.

  3. In a way munzees are actually a little more eco friendly than geocaching (no physical box), and there is no chance of the bomb squad ever blowing up a munzee, but it does not seem to be catching on where I live, I deployed one ages ago and it only got a find 3 months later

    1. True, however a little common sense would go a long way. Cachers shouldn’t put out geotrash and they should use their heads with placement. Seriously, a PVC pipe under a bridge. Funny but you know where that is going to end up.

      As far as the Munzee, that’s what I suspect will happen if I deploy one. I guess I should just deploy ten then, huh? That’s logical, right?

  4. The one thing I found with muncezzzz is unlike a geocache you can put them anywhere. In my area it is flooded with them, some only feet apart, just ridiculous.

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