Geocaching: Wanna go hide a body?

Me: “Hey, I need you to help me go hide a trunk with a body in the woods.”

Muggle friend: “Uh, what?”

Me: “It’s a geocache thing.”

Muggle friend: “…..”

Our hobby may be a little weird at time to explain to our non-geocaching friends, but it really gets weird when you need help hiding a heavy trunk with “themed props” inside deep within the woods – so that it’s hard for people to find.

The newest multi-stage cache that we are hiding has a large trunk as the final container. There are certain items inside that go along with the theme. Being true to the Memfis Mafia, we also found a location that is rather difficult to access. In fact, for an urban area it is probably the most difficult location I have come across yet. That is why we selected it. I don’t mind admitting that I had to use “special equipment” to get there.

It’s kind of amusing, to me at least, that I have been driving around town all week with this trunk in the back of Black Betty. I have been waiting until my days off so I can go for the hide. I can just imagine now trying to explain this whole geocaching thing at gun point as some young deputy makes the discovery of his career.

Deputy Fife: “Sir, what is in that large locked trunk?”

Me: “Well, I’d rather not say.”

Deputy Fife: “Sir, why do you also have rope, gloves, a backpack, and stack of maps?”

Me: “Wait, I can explain…”

Deputy Fife: “Step out of the car.”

Anyway, back to my muggle friend – the trunk is heavy and…I have to ask for help. This makes for the humorous conversation of explaining why I have to go hide this big heavy locked trunk in the woods. This is one of those times when you find out just how good your friends are. Now, my muggle friend has agreed to help me but he just may be wanting the crime stoppers reward money. Only time will tell. This brings up an interesting question.

What is the weirdest conversation you have had trying to explain something geocaching related to a muggle?


6 thoughts on “Geocaching: Wanna go hide a body?

  1. An ill-fated cache container that was swept away by a heavy rain started out as plastic dog-poop and a pill bottle. I was talking to one of my muggle friends about a hide that I was planning and the phrase, “yeah, I need to go put my poop somewhere” just rolled out. It didn’t take long to explain, but she still gives me a hard time about “pooping in the woods” whenever she can. Still, I wouldn’t have worded that conversation any other way. The look on her face was priceless.

    1. That’s great! We have found one similar to that. I could imagine the look on her face – that’s what is great about having an odd hobby. Actually, I didn’t find it, our littlest cacher found it. I missed it (more than once) and she came up with the smiley. She still doesn’t let me forget that one.

  2. Bahahaha! Too funny. I have been stopped by the police & asked to leave quickly once I was done after I explained I was geocaching.

    Explaining to a muggle includes my parents. Telling them why we are going on a hike during a family vacation was strange & yet not sure they even get it now after watching the kids on some long hard hike events or adult only nights on the town. You can imagine the same type of responses we got. The other thing they don’t understand is why we work so hard on containers & “who finds these things?” or “why do people search for these things?”. I simply tell them, “I get to see a world I have always overlooked, there is treasure to be found, adventure to be had and we plan to make a memory we will never forget.”

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Funny, I have heard the same I mean questions. I usually just take the easy way out and say its a scavenger hunt. That answer is usually boring enough that nothing else is asked. I need to come up with a good line to feed people. Something about finding Zen in the woods or something.

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