Memfis Mafia grabs their first Munzee!


We found our first Munzee today. Yay for us! I know that many geocachers are still not big on Munzees and I’m not completely sold on them yet either – but there they are, all two of them in my city. I had already downloaded the free app and opened it. I can’t unsee this.


There were two fairly close by. I had to go for one. I did it and this time it worked. Apparently they work better in the day time.

We found my first Munzee and we are on fire because that is 50% of the Munzees in our town. Woohoo! I know you are all impressed. I’ll wait for your congratulatory applause to die down so you can continue reading. Ok, all better? I’ll continue.

So, now do I go for the other Munzee or deploy my own? I guess I could just wait on Geocaching to catch up but what fun would that be. I must forge ahead without thinking. Why break a streak now?

I will post how this newest misadventure shapes up. I guess we need a new FTF dance for Munzees too.


2 thoughts on “Memfis Mafia grabs their first Munzee!

  1. Thanks for sharing your first Munzee capture! If you deploy them, they will come! 🙂 Just ask the high scoring leaders. There were no players when they started but deploying drew a bigger crowd. Same for me. We have an active group of 20-30 now with over 1000 Munzees in a 5 mile radius. Grow the map!

    1. Very cool. I am always looking for news ways to add to our family outings. The picking are very slim right now but I won’t let that stand in our way for long. We will be deploying our first Munzee soon.

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