GeoPrincess has fallen in love with trackables

A hat full of trackable dropped into one of our caches.

One of the great things about geocaching is that there are so many different aspects to the game. Being a geocaching family, we each have our own favorites. I like a long hike to a cache. GeoWifey likes power runs. My oldest likes – well she’s a preteen so she changes quicker than I can keep up. So, now my youngest has found hers. GeoPrincess, as she announced would be her new caching name, has become fond of the trackables. It may be that she just enjoys posing for pictures with them but hey – whatever keeps her having fun.

So far, we have launched only one. It hasn’t traveled very far but it has moved. We have several others that have yet to be launched due to a crazy mishap with the police and a cache we were trying to get out. That’s another story. Anyway, we have had some crazy times with some trackables lately, but we finally got them all moving. All of the ones that didn’t belong to us.

I am going to try to keep a current map up on our trackables page for the ones that we have launched. That may be touch and go but it’s worth a try.

What is the coolest trackable you have come across?

Mookey Monkey

5 thoughts on “GeoPrincess has fallen in love with trackables

  1. My favorite was one of mine. You needed to add a bottle cap, cork, stopper of your favorite beverage. It started with the tag and a hard cider cap. It moved twice and disappeared into the trackable nether world.

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