Long Lost Trackable: a rescue story

replacement tag

This long lost trackable is back on its journey! A few weeks ago we went to check on one of our local caches, our Anniversary Cache and found that it was loaded with trackables again. Sweet! We know GeoPrincess loves trackables so we started logging numbers for discovery. We logged the first four then got to the one pictured above, the blue Mini Cooper. Hmm, no trackable code anywhere. We check again and sure enough there isn’t a code attached. Interesting. We check in the cache to see if it just fell off and got mixed in with all of the swag. Nope, not there either. We checked the entire area and no luck – the tag is gone. The only saving grace is that there is a separate tag attached that has the name of the trackable. We grab the trackable and take it with us.

When we get back to the house, we jump on the macbook and search geocaching.com to find the trackable. Luckily, we found the trackable and see on the page that it has been missing (and presumed muggled) since 2009. The owner, Knightwood Oak, is still active so we sent him an email. Before long he emailed us back and we were chatting with a geocacher from across the pond, specifically Hampshire England. How cool is that?

Anyway, a few emails later and we learned the story of this trackable. It seems he released three trackables, all mini coopers, and sent them on a race. One went missing almost immediately, one was still going until recently, and this one travelled until 2009 when it went missing. He said he was going to send us a replacement trackable tag for the mini and asked if we could get it going again. Of course we were more than happy to get it back on its way and then watch the adventure. A couple weeks later (it takes time to get mail from England) and we got the package – a new trackable tag.

As of now the replacement tag is attached and we dipped the trackable into a few local caches to get it started again. As soon as we find a safe cache, we will send him on his way. After all of this we have a trackable to watch galavant around the globe and a new international geocacher friend.

As for the race, it seems that number 2 will be crowned the winner unless number 1 resurfaces. Fingers crossed.

All of the minis at the start of the race.
All of the minis at the start of the race.

Knightwood GB Rally Car 1    12623.4 mi    (currently missing)

Knightwood GB Rally Car 2    5838.5 mi     (back in action)

Knightwood GB Rally Car 3    0 mi                (went missing immediately)

Questions for this post:

Have you ever had started a trackable race and if so how did it go?


3 thoughts on “Long Lost Trackable: a rescue story

  1. Cool beans. I had one of my trackables go missing and it was found at a yard sale 1500 miles away from its last reported location.

    From the pics on the cache page, I’d say GeoPrincess got your hair. 🙂

  2. I have a couple of trackables missing, including a carved wooden buffalo that got a lot of attention as it traveled across the country. A story like this just goes to show you should never give up.

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