Our most creative container yet


We recently put out what I think is our most creative cache container so far. At the end of last year we took a break from designing any new caches after a rather intricate one got muggled. That is all part of the game but it is still a bummer when it happens. Anyway, we are back at it.

We were at the hobby shop killing some time and something we saw convinced us to try again. So, we purchased a few materials and made one more stop – the thrift store. I had an idea and I was pretty sure I could find what we needed there. Bingo, we found it. The idea was to make a container more unique than we had come across in our time so far.

Stage 1
Stage 1

We went to work with our foam, spray paint, remote control monster truck, gorilla glue, and of course the Dremmel. It took us some serious time to determine how to piece this little bugger together. Our first attempt failed on the trip out to our GeoRide. Back to the drawing board. We really didn’t want to spend all of this time  on it just to have it fall apart.

Now it was time to get serious. Time to get out the saw and attack some spare wood we had lying around. I have to give props to my oldest for coming up with the solution to bonding the metal ammo can with the plastic frame of the now destroyed monster truck.

We are pretty happy with the end result. We took the standard ammo can and made a fairly decent

Stage 2
Stage 2

representation of our GeoRide Black Betty. I almost went off the rails again when we started selecting the hide location. I began devising a bunch of elaborate puzzles that no one would ever solve and a strategy to hide it that involved rope and a ladder. Thankfully, my oldest again stepped in. She reminded me that we made this container creative and fun so that people could find it. Duh!

After it was all said and done, I think we succeeded. We made a creative container, that wasn’t overly expensive, and hid it in a family friendly location. We also filled it with the themed trackable from our previous failed/muggled by the police multi-cache. After throwing in little family friendly SWAG, it was ready to go.

Now we just have to come up with an even more outlandish idea for our next container.

I have also included a picture below of the cache with its inspiration, the original Black Betty. What do you think? Is it a decent enough likeness?

Its like a little MiniMe
Its like a little Mini

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