Geocaching for everyone
Geocaching for everyone.

I have often said that one of my favorite things about geocaching is that is is so varied. There are geocaches that you can find in parking lots, geocaches in caves, ones that you have to solve elaborate riddles to find, night caches, caches at the top of mountains… well you get the point. A group that I really never focused on is caches for those with disabilities. Before you click off of this post, I’m not going to whine and say that every cache should be accessible to everyone – that would be crap. That would ruin the game.

I enjoy spending all day climbing or scrambling for a cache in an area I probably shouldn’t be in alone. I do not want that to change! However, I have a close family member that through recent tragic circumstances needs to find new activities in which he can participate. I, of course, think of geocaching. A quick mental check through the caches I have hidden and -NOPE. None of mine would be safe for those with disabilities. Ok, a second mental check and there are a few that I can think of for those in a chair but not so much for the blind. Obviously, that’s not going to stop me.

Time to hit the internet. A little searching and I come across a few projects that seem to be headed in the right direction. That’s not good enough. They are far away and still in development. I scratch my brain a little and a seed of an idea comes to mind.

What if I use one of those sound activated key chains to assist in the finding of the cache?

That might work, so I have ordered a few, they were surprisingly cheap. I will be putting together a test cache as soon as I get my new toys.

Now, I am going to solicit your ideas. I need ideas of how I can make caches that will be accessible to those with disabilities, both physical as well as visual. 


3 thoughts on “Handicaching

  1. My husband and I have been pondering ideas of some wheelchair friendly caches. We haven’t placed any yet. We had a great one, but it was to close another cache. It was going to be a green nano magnetic container on a green frog garbage can.
    I look forward to hearing about your voice activated caches.

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