Geocaching – the movie?

Interesting – a movie about geocaching. I stumbled across this on the geocaching podcast site. Don’t know much about it yet but it looks as if geocaching may be entering the mainstream. The movie is called Buried Treasure and after a little searching on the normal geocaching sites, the story looks pretty good. I will definitely be following the progress of this movie.

Would that be a good thing? Could it ruin geocaching?


4 thoughts on “Geocaching – the movie?

  1. Buried Treasure is well worth watching. This short film was funded by the geo-community last year through Kickstarter and features several familiar faces – not to mention some LA cachers.
    While I could be biased – It’s Not About The Numbers appears in the credits for our financial support, publicity efforts and helping the film’s creator – it’s definitely one of the better geo-movies out there.
    Splinterheads isn’t bad but I wasn’t a big fan of G.P.S The Movie and Find Me. Another geo-short, Ugly Fish, can be watched in its entirety on YouTube.

    1. Its crazy how a hobby/sport can be enjoyed by so many but still almost be a secret. I suspect that, based on the success of these movies, we could see a surge in movies, ten, book, etc invade the mainstream. I just hope that it brings a positive influence to the game.

      1. Am keeping my fingers crossed for a geocaching book or movie that portrays our hobby in a different light. It amazes me that given the large number of geo-book titles out there, they all fit into one of two categories – instructional manual or mystery/thriller.

      2. Funny, I have been working with some ideas for that exact thing – writing a book featuring geocaching. Currently, I think I am going to incorporate geocaching as a hobby of the main character instead of trying to force a story to fit geocaching.

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