Jax Outdoor Gear has joined Geocaching

Tons of special SWAG for the FTFs
Tons of special SWAG for the FTFs

We found a geocache today that was a first in a few ways for us.

Yes, we were the first one to find it, which is always enjoyable, but that’s not what made this one unique.
Yes, it was our first hidden under the OpenCaching listing service. Also cool but still not what makes this one unique.
This cache caught our eye based on the description and the location. We pulled up the listing and it was a multi-stage cache which seemed to start in the parking lot and move inside. Yep, that hooked us. We headed out the door and sure enough as the owner and the name implied; this cache is affiliated with Jax Outdoor Gear.
You are in the right place
You are in the right place
The girls and I worked through the stages and they continued to get more excited as they did. We have over 750 finds under our collective belts and they were acting like it was their very first find.
When we got to the final, we locked up. The clues led us to a location and we hesitated. We have been burned before by cachers placing hides where they did not have permission. Back to the listing – Bingo – a life line was offered and we took it. We went inside and spoke with store employees.
“This may sound like an odd question but we were looking for a hint on the scavenger hunt?”
I wince as I say it.
“All right! You are looking for our geocache?”
The store employees respond with enthusiasm and I breathe a sigh of relief. I relayed our suspicions and asked if we were on the right track. They confirmed that we were.
For the next cacher, trust the clues. It’s where you think it is and it’s ok to go there.

We went back inside to chat with the employees after the find and give them the news. They were truly happy and we talked for a good while. As we were the first to find their first cache, we were handsomely rewarded with some cool SWAG. The girls loved it. From our conversation with the employees I am fairly hopeful that there will be future installments.

cool vehicle in the lot
cool vehicle in the lot
When I think about it, why has this not happened long ago? We, as geocachers, are often outdoor enthusiasts who also hike, bike, and hunt. It seems like there is an obvious overlap in the two groups – geocachers and Jax’s customer base.
I hope to see more quality caches from Jax. I couldn’t think of a better pairing – they already have the materials they will just need to use their imaginations. After all, why wouldn’t they tap into a huge pool of outdoor enthusiasts with a proven track record of being willing to travel all over the world for a scavenger hunt?
Kudos to Jax Sporting Goods and their employees!

OXZT3CO Jax’s Quest for the Riddled Cache


2 thoughts on “Jax Outdoor Gear has joined Geocaching

  1. Boo! Hiss! You haven’t seen this before because it is one big stinking commercial advertisement. Groundspeak geocaches are non-commercial. Opencaching makes their own rules.

    1. Yes I got that it was commercial but it was still neat. I have no problem with stores or companies getting involved with geocaching. We cache as a family and each of us likes something different. We also like Munzee and we found our first letterbox (hybrid) today.

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