Re-hiding our Vandalized cache

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Yep, it happens to us all. We have a cache that has been around for a while, our Anniversary Cache, and some local hooligans discovered it. The good news is that they did not just simply steal it. In fact, they left the container in place to include the trackable inside. The bad news is that they decided to add a few off color comments and drawings professing their love for the male anatomy to our Moleskine notebook log.


Its a bummer and GeoWifey was pretty upset but it could have been much worse. Thankfully, a local cacher was wise enough to email us and give us a heads up. We went out immediately and grabbed the cache and put it on hold until we could find it a new home. We have decided to re-hide the cache in a field near our home where we had a previous cache. The other cache was destroyed but not by muggles.

We debated whether to update the can or leave it as is. It has some wear and tear on it consistent with a cache that is a year old. After a short debate we decided that the weathering gives it character and we are going to replace it in its current condition – scratches and all.

We hope it remains active as many seem to have enjoyed it up to this point. We are going to add a little extra SWAG, a Munzee, and another trackable.

Have you had caches vandalized? What did you do?


5 thoughts on “Re-hiding our Vandalized cache

  1. That is so sad. I’m glad it wasn’t stolen. Maybe having it closer to home will deter inconsiderate muggles from doing something like that again. I am new to geocaching. Haven’t even found my first cache yet. But I’m hoping to come up with a unique cache idea to place once I log a few finds 🙂

    1. Geocaching is a lot of fun but unfortunately muffles are an inevitable part. We have had fairly decent success and still do have more elaborate ones that are safe. Good luck on your road to a new obsession.

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