Our first Letterbox

We found our first letterbox yesterday – sort of. We have seen postings about letterboxes before and this week we finally decided we were going to go for one. I went to the letterboxing website and searched for ones that were fairly close by. We came up with a few and set out.

The first time there was one on a trail I had planned on hiking anyway. Sweet! We went on our hike, interpreted the clues, and …. nothing. It wasn’t there. Ungh, I logged back on to the site and learned that it had not been found in quite a while. Rookie mistake.

The next time we went for a letterbox, I found one that had been found within the last year. Ok, better, but still not too promising. We went to the park listed as the start location and followed the clues to the alleged resting place. Again, no luck. We double checked the clues and they were obviously pointing to our exact location. Drats!

Third time is a charm right? We decided to stack the deck this time and go for a letterbox hybrid list on Groundspeak. Yes, I realize it is not considered a true letterbox but we wanted results. We headed out yesterday morning and… Eureka! We got the smiley (for the geocache portion) and we found the stamp. We each brought our our personal journals in which to mark our success. The stamp aspect was pretty neat and we brought along our newest/youngest member of the clan, my nephew. He had fun and made us laugh at the same time. All in all a good experience.

We have not given up – in fact we have now vowed to go in search of a true letterbox. We have heard about hand carved stamps which has definitely piqued our interest. I guess we will be adding letterboxing to our ever-growing list of family activities.

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