We’re going streaking (for geocaches)!

Not this kind of streaking
Not this kind of streaking

Everybody plays the game differently and that is one of the things that makes this game so much fun. For us, we each have a different aspect that we like – hiking for that hard cache, crafting fun hides, sneaking around in public playing a secret game. The one thing that doesn’t make the list for any of us (our family) is the much talked about cache streak. For me it is probably because I hate being on any type of schedule.

Phone call out of the blue –

Rich old relative: “Hey, I want to give you one million dollars.”

Me: “Awesome!”

Rich old relative: “Let’s schedule a time for you to come and…”

Me: “Ungh, Never mind.” (hangs up phone)

Ok, maybe I’m not that bad but one thing I do not want to do is dread geocaching. We treat it as a family activity that we do when we chose to. So, why would I possibly consider messing with that? Yep, you probably already know by know that Groundspeak is promoting a geocaching month in August. The basic gist is that for every day you log a “find” or an “attend” in August, you get a souvenir.

For many of you, 31 days is a drop in the bucket. For us it sounds daunting. Our longest streak thus far is 22 days. The odds of us (our family) being able to complete this task is, well, I wouldn’t bet on it. So why try? The answer is that it is such a challenge for us. Like most people, we have crazy schedules and deadlines and many other commitments. The only way for us to accomplish this would be for us to sit down and do some serious planning. That and – shame. We figure that if we blog about it first, it makes our goal more public and therefore more shameful if we crash and burn like weaklings. Ok, easy, I realize I would make a terrible motivational speaker but it was worth a shot.

We all talked about it and the kids and even GeoWifey are all on board. It might entail some late nights or really early mornings but we have to try.

Are any of you going to try for Groundspeak’s promoted caching streak?

Info on the streak promotion


2 thoughts on “We’re going streaking (for geocaches)!

  1. Yep — I’m going for it. Fortunately for me I still have lots of geocaches I haven’t found near my home here in northern Virginia. At the very least I can top my current mini-streak of 12 days. And you’re right, for most folks this will take some serious planning.

    My vague plan right now is to designate a large group of caches, and then try to find the most difficult ones and the ones furthest from home at the beginning of the month. That way as the end of the month approaches I should still have a bunch of relatively close, relatively easy options to keep the streak going right through the 31st.


    1. We made the mistake early on of grabbing most of the caches nearby so we will have to do some driving to get through the 31 days. It sounds like you will be planning to. Who knows maybe we will make it. Good luck. We are going to post throughout the month about our progress or if we crash and burn. Let us know how you make it.

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