Day 1 – 31days of geocaching

Day 1 badge

Today is day one and we are at 100%. Yep, we rule. What? Ok not time to brag yet.

We had time to kill today so we went out with the intention of grabbing at least one geocache. We decided to play it safe and grab a simple traditional to ensure that we would get our souvenir. We chose to go with GC3Y93T Takin’ a Stroll by Jimwise. It was a standard cache and met the requirements. We decided that we were going to try and take pics on every day of this month to go along with our streak. This might prove to be difficult as we do not do spoilers. Just as we were about to cross the road to climb back into our GeoRide Black Betty, this crazy car crossed the road right in front of us – BINGO!

Day One

Since we already had our required cache out of the way we wanted to play some more. We grabbed ten munzees:

(DLB Ft Collins 1-4, A Safer way to Munzee: South, North, East,  and West, Starbucks, Soup is Good, and Council Tree: Who DOESN’T Love Toys?)

After the Munzees, we ended up in a parking lot that started a multi. Of course that was a sign so we went for the multi by KaiWarrior – GC1KEFY Safer Way … to Catch a Bug. It was a quick easy two stager so we still wanted more.

We looked for something challenging and came across one that was only a couple of miles away and involved climbing a tree. Luckily, I have my resident monkey NotBritish in tow so we head to GZ. We look at the map and find a decent parking spot. We all jump out and trek through some considerable weeds. Our first hint of things to come was a pair of shoes in the weeds. We pressed on anyway and made it to GZ. Uh oh! It seems a local transient has decided that he is going to make camp under the very tree we wanted to climd. Yep, we are not going for this one – “Back up girls.”

GC44TJ9 Up a Tree #1
GC44TJ9 Up a Tree #1

I took a pic and sent a note to the cache owner. At least we grabbed a couple for day one. Now we just have thirty more days to go.


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