Day 4 – 31 Days of geocaching

For day four we decided to go for a brand new series. The series had a Zelda theme and the final was a puzzle based on clues from the first three. It was the coolest final we have seen on any puzzle so far. It makes me happy when cache owners put in this kind of effort.

Oh yeah, and we got our badge again!!!


2 thoughts on “Day 4 – 31 Days of geocaching

  1. We loved meeting you yesterday during FTF! I was a little nervous the police officer coming up to my husband was a muggle and might consider our activity “suspicious,” it seriously made our day that you were a geocacher too! My sister hid this one and we HAD to try to be FTF, the whole project was a complete surprise to us and well worth the effort! Hope to see you and your sweet family soon, maybe at the GeoNight Out next week? Blessings!

    The Straw Family (EmandDiv)

    1. Good to meet you. Yeah, I saw the notification and I couldn’t resist giving you a scare. Later that night when everyone got home we went out and did the series. It was pretty cool.

      We will be at the next GeoNight out, hope to see you there.

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