Day 5 – 31 Days of geocaching

Well, it’s day five and we are still holding strong. It could have easily have gone the other way tonight as I was a wee bit tired after my run. Today was day five of our geocaching streak but only day two of me starting back running. After dinner out we did a quick scan of the area and found one that we wanted to do. It looked promising as it included a tire swing to get to the cache. The only problem was that we were away from home in GeoWifey’s car with no caching supplies and dark was quickly approaching.

We decided to play it safe and grab a quick LPC that was in the adjacent parking lot “just in case”. Even the LPC proved to be a little tricky after running five miles and shoveling Mexican food into my face. After a few minutes, we got the smiley and our badge for today. After safely making our goal and continuing our streak we set out for the “fun” one.

The fun one turned out to be interesting. When we got close there was a sign that clearly designated the path as private property. Ok, maybe the cache owner received permission. We pressed on down the path throwing common sense to the wayside and using our iPhones as our only flashlights. We see that the listed coordinates do not match the description – uh oh. I know what you are thinking – alarm bells and all. Yes, but I have trouble letting go. I did a quick scan of recent logs and I see that another set of coords were listed by a previous finder. By now its completely dark and everything is telling us that we should abort this one. So, of course we continue.sign

We look around for a while and finally I spot a crumpled up piece of paper on the ground. “No, that can’t be…” Yep it is. The log is lying on the open ground soaked and destroyed. I search a little longer and find the “container” which is a torn cardboard box with duct tape wrapped around it. It is completely mangled. Bummer. Since we have none of our gear, we don’t have a replacement container either. Double bummer. Seeing the lack of quality of the container, the state of the log, the trespassing we probably just did, and the distance from the listed GZ – I begin to say not so nice things. Then I stop. I look up the cache owner and see that they have made 9 finds and hidden two.


When I get back to a computer, I log the finds and put in a maintenance request. I didn’t want to stop there. I try to think how I would have felt in this new cacher’s same situation. They have hidden two and both are under review for maintenance. That has to be disheartening. I send an email to the owner offering whatever help or guidance that I can. After all, the idea for this cache was great. There really was a tire swing that you use to get to GZ. It was only the execution that was lacking. I hope this cache owner takes me up on my offer or gets some pointer from someone because they seem to have potential to create some good hides.

When we started (really not so long ago) an experienced cacher offered help and even a GPS to us. He sat down with me and gave me a bunch of pointers that have helped us grow as cachers and have a lot more fun as a result. What I’m wondering is how common is this scenario. I hope very common.

Did you get help from a veteran cacher?

Have you been that veteran cacher offering help?

2 thoughts on “Day 5 – 31 Days of geocaching

  1. Teaching someone to geocache is like teaching someone to fish. You get them all amped up to go only to find out you have to be patient and wait for the fish to bite. Someone who doesn’t possess patience will get easily frustrated and not want to go out and cache anymore…..UNTIL they get a bit (or finally find the cache) then its on.

    That’s how it was for me. A couple of my friends had cached before but not in awhile, so one day we decided hey lets go geocaching, I mean why not its free. 1st cache we attempt to tackle the Riddler Cache #1 at CSU…just go read Team Sticky Pine’s log on that one and you’ll somewhat understand what we went through. we picked up some smaller caches along the way, but I decided I liked to cache and started going out on my own to find them or dragging the Mrs. out with me (she likes it now but not as much as I do lol)…Occasionally the other couple in our group will join us and we’ll try to tackle some of the other puzzles and mystery/multi caches. Haven’t really had the opportunity to meet many other cachers in the area so I’ve learned on my own. If I get stuck i’m not afraid to ask for help.

    1. It was similar for us. We were new to geocaching and to Coorado so we didn’t know anyone. We have met a few people since and definitely enjoy the social aspect. We hope to continue to geocache and to meet new Geocachers

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