Day 10 – 31 Days of geocaching

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 8.39.22 PM

Well, day ten is complete and we are still going strong. We have now become accustomed to grabbing a quick cache on the way to and from our outings. On our days off we are going for whatever we want but on work days – its those quick ones. What we are finding is that we are going for caches that we would normally probably pass by. That is good and bad.

It’s good because it cleans up the map of some of the micros and quick cache and dashes that we usually ignore. It’s bad because we are stumbling across a good number of caches that seriously need maintenance and have remained stagnant for quite a while.

I hope everyone else is keeping up their streak – good luck.

2 thoughts on “Day 10 – 31 Days of geocaching

  1. I’m stumbling across caches in need of maintenance as well in my adventures. Being a photographer, however, has its advantages while geocaching, because I always have 35mm film canisters on me so I can quick fix a cache when the CO can’t.

    Glad you’re still going strong!

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