Day 12 – 31 Days of geocaching


Killed a frowny face! Woohoo. We went out tonight to grab a cache for day number twelve of our geocaching month streak. This time I took a second to plan ahead. Ok maybe it truly was only a second but I did think ahead. Since we were going to get a cache for our streak I thought we might as well do one that would help in some other area to – like the D/T grid. Unfortunately none were within a dozen miles that would make much of a difference. Then I remembered a cache that NotBritish and I rushed out to get one day for an FTF but came up with a DNF. Bingo. It stumped a few people so I put it on the watch list and sort of forgot about it.

GeoWifey and I made short work of it tonight and were able to redeem that frowned face from before. We subscribe to the theory that if we don’t find a cache we log it as a DNF. There are many reasons for that of course but that is a discussion for later. We log DNFs but they also drive me absolutely crazy. I can’t stand knowing there is a cache that beat me.The important thing tonight is that I, wait um, we were able to get a smiley on a past DNF frowny face. Which made me think, have I gone back and found all of my past DNFs? I have found two so far from looking at the list that I have not. This will of course have to change. How about you?

dnf face

Do you go back or at least monitor your DNFs?


8 thoughts on “Day 12 – 31 Days of geocaching

    1. Sometimes you just can’t find them. I have almost kicked myself before for missing one that I thought I should have found. You can’t beat yourself up. Because we are competitive by nature we often have to remind ourself – its just a game.

    1. We just went back through our entire list. There are some out of state that we will simply not get a chance to go for.

      The ones within a reasonable distance will hopefully be knocked off the list eventually.

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