Day 13 – 31 Days of geocaching

Another day under our belt.

This time we didn’t find a cache we attended an event. It is rare that we are able to make it to events and we really enjoy them. We almost didn’t make this one because I was working late (again). That’s OK because w e made it and got to catch up with cachers we haven’t seen in a while. We also got to meet some really cool cachers that we have only previously chatted with online.

I’m hoping as our family’s schedule gets better next month we are able to participate a lot more in the social aspect of geocaching. In fact we are going to do our best to cache with others. I don’t know how that will be accomplished yet as it seems that there is no single point for communication. Some people are on Facebook, some use Geocaching Colorado and other use the email profile on So my question for today is:

What is the best way to arrange groups for geocaching? 


4 thoughts on “Day 13 – 31 Days of geocaching

  1. We would love to go a-caching with you guys sometime! We just joined the Facebook page for Geocaching Colorado, and we use the email profile from as well. We also have been reading your blog (obviously) so any notifications on here we would see. We seem to have the same ‘taste’ in caches, and it would be a blast to go out with other people 🙂

    1. Definitely. It will be about three weeks before our schedule stabilizes then we will start posting stuff. Going in groups should be fun for us as we’ll as the cache owners. For us as cache owners we love it when people find our caches. I think I would live seeing that a whole group decided to get one of ours.

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