Day 14 – 31 Days of geocaching

Whew – made it through day fourteen. Everyone in the family was tied up all day until 10 pm. I was wiped out and tired from training all day. If there wasn’t one on the way home this would be the end of our streak. Luck would have it theta there was one on the way home. Ok, it wasn’t exactly on the way home but it was close. I made the quick grab and our streak stays alive.

Tomorrow I actually have the day off with my girls and we are going to do a fun one!

Is your streak still going? 


6 thoughts on “Day 14 – 31 Days of geocaching

    1. We haven’t had tons in our area but I can’t complain there are plenty to go for. Like most people, time has been our biggest factor. We are still going though. It will be a nice personal/family accomplishment if we can get all 31 days.

      1. It will be hard to squeeze them in! We’ve had a very wet August in Australia and its made it difficult. But we’ve managed to grab some in between showers. One of my hides got submerged when a river broke its banks. Dug it out yesterday and apart from very wet contents it’s fine 😀

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