Day 15 – 31 Days of geocaching

Day fifteen was much more fun. 75% of the Memfis Mafia had the day off and we took advantage of it. We went on a hike around the Horsetooth area and enjoyed the scenery. We even grabbed a few caches while we were out there. Our household teen, NotBritish hiked like a mountain goat but GeoPrincess…not so much.  I asked her if she was enjoying the hike and she said:

“I only like to walk at the mall.”

We are in the middle of beautiful terrain and she’s thinking of shopping, at age six. Oh dear am I in trouble. Regardless, we continued our hike and even GeoPrincess had to admit she had a good time despite the lack of shopping. This was a good way to knock another day off of the streak. Now its early in the day and we have met our quota of caches for the day. Nothing to do now but kick back, relax, and play some board games.


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