Day 19 – 31 Days of geocaching

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 7.01.02 PM

Our streak is still alive!

We are even surprised ourself by lasting this long. Now that we have made it this far, we have to finish. Our schedule seems to be getting better but we do have one obstacle coming up. Our Anniversary. Ok, obstacle doesn’t sound right. I should say an important event that takes precedence over our geocaching streak. I know that sounds cryptic and here is why.

Ou Anniversary is this week and GeoWifey and I are celebrating this weekend – and she has no idea how. I have the weekend planned and as of yet she has not been able to guess the agenda. HAHAHAHA!!!! The mention of the streak has come up and she said she sees no reason that we can’t grab a geocache while we are on our surprise mini-vacation. I guess we will see.

It’s nice when you have a wife as great as mine that indulges me in all of my geeky hobbies. I hope all of your streaks are going successfully.


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