Day 25 – 31 Days of Geocaching


We continued our streak through day 25 and rounded out our Anniversary weekend. We were actually able to fit in five geocaches merely by virtue of where we were yesterday. Since we were staying at the Historic Thompson Tea House Inn, a Bed and Breakfast in Longmont Colorado, I did a quick search for the geocaches with the most favorite points. The two with the most were close to each other and within a mile of where we were staying – BINGO!

We drove the short distance to the parking location for the caches (both in the same open space area) and hopped out of our trusty georide. As GeoWifey was soaking me down with sunblock, I eyed a lamp post. On a complete whim I lifted the skirt and lo and behold there was a geocache. I had no idea it was there but we now had a smiley before we even started. GeoWifey declares that since the pressure was off for the streak we  now had time to walk across the street and get some geocacher juice (coffee). Turns out there was another LPC in that parking lot. So now we had two smileys before we even started the walk for our intended targets.

We’re glad we still went for the caches we came for because there was a reason they had the most favorite points in town. The owner had actually spent some time devising and crafting them. We would like to post some pictures but it would ruin the surprise for the next cachers. I will however post their link. The first was Ate For Nothing and the second was Spider Cache, both by n0wae. We enjoyed the effort he put into these caches and gave away two of our coveted favorite points as a thank you.

Later in the day we ended up in Estes Park to meet with family for dinner. On the way back we grabbed The Cherry Burglar. It was also better than the average cache and we grabbed a trackable for our trip to Mount Rushmore next weekend. Which bring us to our question.

With the 31 days of geocaching quickly approaching an end, are you going to make your final a special one?


2 thoughts on “Day 25 – 31 Days of Geocaching

  1. Yes! I will attend the Flash Mob Event at the top of Mt. Elbert on the 31st, so it will be a special cache to complete the 31 caching days of August….

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