Jog Caching


I invented a new type of caching today. Well, probably not but it was new for me. I had an appointment to get Black Betty serviced and they said it would take at least 45 minutes. How can I entertain myself?

Geocaching of course.

I check my handy iPhone and the closest cache is about a mile away but there are a couple more within another half mile or so beyond that. I’m left with a choice go for a three mile jog for three micros or be bored. Duh. It just so happened that I was wearing running shoes. Out the door I went.

Three sweaty miles later and I had three smileys and a new way to go geocaching. You may be thinking, wow what kind of moron runs three miles just to get micros? The answer is…


5 thoughts on “Jog Caching

  1. I did scouts pace to a cache recently with my sons. That is when you alternate running and walking 20 paces. I find it too hard to count the actual paces so I just count to 20 and switch either from walking to running or running to walking and start counting to 20 again. When my sons are with me we take turns doing the counting.

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