Podcacher (and other geocaching resources)


For any of you out there that are new to geocaching or even for the veterans that may not have heard of the Podcacher Podcast, I wanted to shoot out a quick bit of information. The Podcacher Podcast is, as the name implies, a podcast about geocaching. I have been listening to the podcast about as long as I have been geocaching which is admittedly only a couple of years. I discovered the podcast simply by searching  “geocaching” in the iTunes store. It always comes up first and is probably the most popular among geocaching podcasts so I simply assumed it was common knowledge to all geocachers. I was speaking to a fellow cacher recently and he had never heard of the show. That’s what I get for making assumptions.

Anyway, for those of you that love geocaching and tend to consume all things geocaching – check out the Podcacher Podcast. You can search it through your smart phone or go directly to their site. The show consists of news updates in the world of geocaching, tales and milestones from cachers that call in, and tons of contests and giveaways. Best of all for us, it is completely family friendly.

If you are in to podcasts or videos, I will also recommend a couple more:

The Geosnippits Reboot Podcast (family friendly and contains great techie info)

The Chicago Geocacher Podcast (very entertaining but NOT family friendly)

The Geocaching Vlogger (geocaching videos on YouTube)

Go Geocaching (more geocaching videos on YouTube)


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