Caching with GeoPrincess

"Found it!"
“Found it!”
Frozen Log
Frozen Log

We, Memfis and GeoPrincess, went out geocaching today and were reminded quickly how wild it can be here in Colorado. When we headed out the door to grab a few quick caches while running some other errands it was in the upper 30s. Not too cold here in Colorado. By the time we reached our third or fourth cache it was well into the 50s. Despite being so warm we came upon this log. Yes that is ice surrounding the baggie. Only in Colorado would a log be frozen in ice and the outside temperature be in the 50s.

We ended up grabbing a few more and enjoying a great clear view of the mountains today. So far we are starting off 2014 in good fashion. We dropped a trackable and found around a dozen caches in between taking our resident teenager around to her “appointments”.


Since we were just caching on the fly today we were using our iPhone instead of loading up the GPS we currently have on loan. Once again, the iPhone was acting wonky and we had a little trouble with a few. We made it to what should have been a quick roadside cache and the iPhone really started acting crazy but we wanted one more smiley before calling it quits. We unloaded and crossed the road to an area of three trees, each large and great candidates for the hide. We searched for about fifteen minutes and I made a find. Nope, not the cache. I found some downed barbwire or rather the barbwire found my jeans. Since I’m not a teenager nor a rockstar, ripped jeans are not a fashion statement. They signal the end of our caching day.


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