Geocaching in Colorado

Only in Colorado

Colorado is a great state for geocaching. That may sound like bragging, and it is a little, but there is a reason I’m making that statement. I recently started a new role as Secretary of the Geocaching Colorado board and our first meeting was today. GCCO is a group that has a mission of promoting positive geocaching in Colorado for people of all backgrounds. After the meeting we grabbed a few caches as a group. Since our meeting was in Castle Rock Colorado, a logical way to decide which cache to go for was to do a quick search for the most favorited cache. The search revealed an overwhelming winner – GC1D4DF National Treasure Cache by black_jack with 114 favorite points. We also grabbed two virtuals in the process and had a great time.

For those in Colorado, the meeting went great and the board came up with what I think are going to be some great events and meetings for Colorado. In fact there were so many ideas we are going to need LOTS of volunteers to help out. HINT HINT!!!! This alone would be enough for me to be thankful to be living and caching in our great state of Colorado but the day did not end there.

We made the trek back from Castle Rock to Loveland, the home base of the Memfis Mafia. We decided on one last stop to pick up a quick park and grab on a back road leading into town. As I was squatting down to sign the logbook I looked up and saw this view. We have been here for three years and I still get surprised occasionally when I see the beautiful place I live.

All I can say is WOW!


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