Questions about geocaching groups

We had our second Geocaching Colorado board meeting last night. It was short but cool because it was my first one to do in a google hangout. Not being in the business world, web meetings are not common place for me. There were a few bugs but it was otherwise a great format for conducting a face to face meeting while not being face to face – much better than a phone conference. Ok, moving on, this is not an add for web meetings.

The purpose of the meeting was to touch base on some of the projects we are working on for the upcoming year. Projects like CITO events, group caching, educational events and making GCCO more accessible and user friendly across a broader spectrum.

I have searched for other geocaching groups online but its hard to know which ones are active and actually helpful to local geocachers. That’s where you come in.

Are you involved in a geocaching group?

What would make a group helpful to you?

How do you connect with other cachers?


2 thoughts on “Questions about geocaching groups

  1. 1. I am a proud member of the Dirtbag Geocaching Society.
    2. We find that the main use of a Geocaching group is that it gives geocaching more of a social aspect to the game.
    3. We connect with our members and other geocachers mainly through facebook. We also use other social media sites such as twitter, Pinterest, youTube etc. Since we have members worldwide, we use google Hangout to collaborate on projects.

    …see you on the trail

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