Geocaching Power Trail Questions: types

ET Highway in Colorado?
ET Highway in Colorado?

We, the GCCO board, have been discussing the idea of a Power Trail. This idea has morphed into quite a behemoth project. Some of the ideas have been to make the trail eventually span the state from North to South (or vice versa of course). I have no idea how many caches it would take to pull off something like that but it should be fun either way.

The questions for this post are:

What types of caches should be in the power trail?

Should it only be traditional caches or should it include all types?

Should there be different sizes?


2 thoughts on “Geocaching Power Trail Questions: types

  1. Here is my two cents on power trails. We did one in January on the C & D canal here is a GC:
    GC2THNG. We did 25 that day, and really didn’t see the point. They were all .5 away from each other, we actually drove to each one. My husband drove, I grabbed the cache and signed the sheet. They weren’t really hidden except under a rock and they were all prescription bottles. I guess if you want the numbers the power trails are a good idea. It goes quicker with more than one person doing them, though.

    1. Personally, I agree with your thoughts on power trails. I prefer to hike for about 6 hours to get my smileys. However, there are others (like my wife and daughter) that like to rush around grabbing a bunch in ind day. One of my favorite things about geocaching is just that, there is something for everyone. We will see how it turns out.

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