Geocaching Power Trail Questions: Munzee

munzeeAnother question about the Colorado Power Trail… yep you guessed it. I am also a fan of Munzees, so naturally my suggestion was to combine both and make a massive power trail that consists of geocaches with Munzees printed on them as well. For those of you that love playing the different games, I would think a few hundred or a couple thousand extra Munzees and Geocaches wouldn’t hurt your feelings or mine. I’m thinking this could make for quite a road trip, spending all day going up and down Colorado. I’m thinking the addition of Munzees means you would want at least two people in the group. So now, we are combining four cool things – Geocaches, Munzees, road trips and group fun. Sounds like a winner all around.

So the question is:

What do you think about a combination Munzee/Geocache Power Trail?


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