Don’t Tip Toe but Dive Right In

My hubby watches a live podcast each week about his favorite hobby…geocaching.  About three weeks ago, he tells me that the podcasters are having a Ladies Night podcast in which girls are taking over the internet and would I be interested in participating.  Originally, I thought he meant that some of the geocaching ladies would participate via the online chat room that takes place during the podcast so I said sure.  I had no problem hanging in the chat room.  Easy enough, right?

After 15 years of marriage, I should know that nothing is ever really what it seems when the hubby has a suggestion, great idea or new plan.  There are usually a few details left out of his careful explanations. This podcast invite definitely had some missing details.  About one week ago, I was informed that it wasn’t just the chat room but that I and a few other ladies would actually be on the podcast, talking, in front of thousands of people, LIVE! WHAT???? Imagine the sudden fear that swept over me.

I generally have no problem speaking to groups of people but for some reason media makes me nervous.  I remember having to talk on the radio once as a kid representing a school group.  I was petrified! Numerous occasions, I have been asked to make comments to news reporters and I always politely decline.  I could never be any type of TV or movie star because the stage fright would get me. Now, I had to face this fear and talk for an hour on an internet podcast.

Tonight was the night and as it turns out, the podcast wasn’t so bad and was actually quite fun.  I managed to survive and even felt quite comfortable mid-way through the event.  Amazing how fun new things can be if we just let go of the fear and dive in head first.     I will have to remember to continue diving from now instead of tip toeing into the water.


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