Geocaching underground (Wyrmholes)

Have you ever done a geocache that was underground?


I just did recently – and it was just as insane as it sounds. I’m speaking specifically about Wymrholes (GC1ZAD1) in Colorado.  Most people in this area of the country are aware of this one but for those who aren’t:

Wyrmholes is an eight hour (minimum) adventure puzzle cache that takes place entirely underground in manmade tunnels. There are several legs of the tunnel that lead to individual puzzles that all have to be solved on site. Some of the tunnels are large enough to walk through stooped over. Some of the tunnels are large enough to duck walk through. Then there are the rest – I will simply say that there was some belly crawling involved.

Would I recommend this to other cachers?

Yes… and no. I say yes because this was the coolest, most fun, and just plain awesome day of geocaching I have had since I started. I say no because I would never suggest that someone do this one if they are physically incapable or alone.
Having marked this off the list, we have to find our next challenge. We have to top this one so I’m thinking…

maybe there is a geocache out there that you have to fight a bear first.

What is the craziest geocaching adventure you have fond or heard about?


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