Whereigo – the new Munzee?

the new Munzee?
the new Munzee?

What? Has he lost his mind? Wherigos and Munzees are not even closely related.

Ok, so they really don’t have much in common besides being geolocation based games except for us they do. Let me explain. We discovered Munzee a while back and got really excited. It seemed like a natural extension of geocaching. We went out and found several. Then when we had found all the ones nearby, we started hiding Munzees. Then we put Munzees in with all of our caches. And… nothing. Well, not nothing exactly but it definitely fizzled. We only got a few caps on our local Munzees and hardly anyone else joined in. There were no Munzees being deployed. So, fast forward several months and now we only cap Munzees when we happen upon them.

What does any of this have to do with Wherigos?

I can explain that too. For those of you that don’t know a Wherigo according to Wikipedia is:

Wherigo is a GPS location-aware software platform created by Groundspeak and initially released in January 2008.[1][2] A simple description is a mix between an adventure game and a geocache search.

More importantly, they are tied in to Groundspeak as another geocache type.

Have you ever done a Wherigo?

I have only been able to complete one so far. I have tried others that just didn’t work as they should.  I like them but there just aren’t many near where I live. So, what is a geocacher to do? Well, make my own of course.

As of this post, I have built several, published two, and have one submitted and waiting for review. I am hoping this is not another Munzze for us. I enjoy building the little cartidgees and I think it adds a little bit of excitement and story telling to urban hides.

Thoughts on Wherigos? I would really like to hear from people that like or hate them.


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