More crazy things to do while geocaching

Hey, let’s cross that river and climb that tree for a geocache- nothing could go wrong


We wanted to grab a geocache and fill a hole in our calendar. That means we can either go for the closest PNG or have some fun. Of course, we chose the latter. Quick little search and we found Up A Tree, a cache that from the description and title seemed to obviously involve climbing. Turns out it was also on an island in the middle of a river.

We park and hop out of Black Betty our faithful GeoRide and are confronted with a sign – both literally and metaphorically. Should have known it would be an adventure.


We quickly bypass the sign warning us of death and jail and head to the river. The river isn’t too deep but it’s rushing fast and freezing cold. Still, we drove all this way, we are not leaving without the smiley again.

After wading across the freezing cold river we search for the most likely tree. NotBritish, in true teenage fashion, starts climbing despite my warning that we should check a few more trees first. As she gets about halfway up her tree, I spot the geocache – in a different tree. Haha, dad still knows some stuff.

We finished our little adventure without so much as a deep scrape. Now, would I recommend that everyone wade through a rushing river and climb a tree without safety equipment? No, but it sure was fun.



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