Geocaching injury again?

Yes. Thankfully, this time it was not as painful. On our recent trip to New England we wanted to grab as many states as possible. We also had on our list to pick up some of the older geocaches to help with the Jasmer challenge.

After a quick search, Mafia Wife found an old geocache that was on our route from Massachusetts to New Hampshire. Bingo – it was one we needed for our Jasmer.

As we are driving to it she says “hold on – this looks like it might be a fairly decent hike from where we will have to park.”

That should have been enough for me to say “I’ll pass.” We all know better – before long I was traipsing through the woods in search of the cache. As the crow flies, it was only half a mile from the parking area. Yeah, not that simple. I started jogging down the path and about a mile later I see where the path and my route diverge.

Bushwacking time or more appropriately time to high step through the overgrowth and make my way through the woods. Two hundred yards in I spot what I was fairly certain was Poison Oak. Meh, might as well keep going now, right?

I found the cache and filled in a month we needed for our challenge but I also picked up a good case of Poison Oak – a lot of Poison Oak. On my hands, face, back, legs, and … well … other places.

Do I regret it?

HAHAHAHA that’s funny.


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