Geocaching trackables tattoos

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Memfis is now trackable. I made the plunge and made myself into a real life trackable.

Geocaching trackable tattoos for those of you that are not familiar are tattoos with a trackable number worked in to them somewhere. The trackable number works just like the ones that you see on travelbugs or geocoins.  If you type in my number you will be sent to my trackable page.

So, the questions are:

Why would you do this? (It is permanent after all.)

The answer is simple. Why not? Geocaching has brought our family many adventures since starting the hobby. We have found places we never would have known existed. We have met so many great people that we may never have met.


What if you get bored of geocaching?

Well, the answer is the same. The tattoo will be a reminder of all the great times my family has had over the last couple years. If I never find another geocache I will still retain all of those great memories.


What will it look like when your are 80?

Again, an easy answer. It will look like every other tattoo on an 80 year old – saggy.


What is the goal of the trackable?

The funny answer: to be taken to Ireland by some generous geocacher.

The real answer: to be a conversation starter for all of the geocachers I hope to meet in the years to come.


How can I be as cool as you Memfis?

To be as cool as me all you need to do is:

  • tb tattoo iconSimply purchase a set of Travel Bugs from Shop Geocaching or one of’s Official Distributors.
  • Activate the Travel Bug set and then include the tracking code as part of the design for your tattoo.
  • Once you have your tattoo, Groundspeak can give you the custom Travel Bug Tattoo icon on the website.  Send an email to and include a photo of the tattoo that clearly shows the tracking number.

When you do all of this you will get a very cool custom trackable icon for your profile. Will these catch on? Who knows – I like mine and I got to reveal it at our local monthly event last night. I hear there are challenge caches where you need to discover human trackables. I also hear that there are some events that you have to have a trackable tattoo in order to attend. Ok, I made that one up.

Anyway, I am now trackable and all you have to do to get the number is to go geocaching with me. Win Win.

If you have a trackable tattoo or have thoughts on them leave a comment.




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