Greyrock Mountain Hike

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We went on a great hike this past weekend with a group of friends. I have to say again that the places you find while geocaching just can’t be beat. This particular hike/geocache outing had three goals. The first was to prepare us for our upcoming foray into hiking two of Colorado’s fourteeners – Grey’s Peak (14,278 ft.) and Torrey’s Peak (14,275 ft.). The second was to grab GC2KH12 Profiles of Greyrock Mountain, traditional cache with a D/T of 2/4. The third was to hide a new Wherigo Geocache that would easily be the toughest in the state of Colorado.


I am happy to report that we accomplished all three – and had a great time doing it. The hike took us over seven hours as we traversed well over eight miles of terrain. We wandered a bit off the trails we were following, TR 946 and TR 947. After all we were hiking in the mountains of Colorado – why not explore. This hike was rated as a tougher hike than our upcoming double fourteener day so I think we will be ready – assuming we bring along the proper supplies. We ran dangerously low on water before making it back to our GeoRides.


We easily found GC2KH12 Profiles of Greyrock Mountain and thoroughly enjoyed the views while doing so. We had some fairly new cachers along for the hike. The father son team are new to geocaching but not to the outdoors. The son part of the team is a teenager and therefore left the rest of us old guys (and one gal) in the dust. I think we accomplished another unintended gaol by getting the father son team hooked on geocaching.


Finally. we found a great location to hide a large container for a soon to be published Wherigo. This is the first in our series of Wherigos that will qualify for a future version of the Mile High Challenge. This Wherigo will also be a good trainer for those who want to tackle Colorado’s first 5/5 Wherigo (coming soon).


Here are a few quick pics Mafia Wife snapped while on our hike:


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