Our New Wherigo Coins

Woohoo! We just received our Wherigo geocoins in the mail. While that may not sound like a reason to celebrate, itWherigo Coin is for us. Mafia Wife has been getting into the trackable/travelbug/geocoin aspect of the game lately and has even published her first event focusing on them. I have been getting more and more involved in Wherigo so these coinsare especially cool to me. Even more than that, you simply can not find anywhere in the United States to purchase these. Trust me, I have scoured the interwebs, on Facebook, and even tried to bribe my friends. Finally a couple of months ago, I found an American site that offered them. I quickly out in an order only to find they were permanently out of stock. Argh!!!

I then found out that this particular retailer had a counterpart store in Canada. I tried to place an order and found that they will not deliver to America. Double ARGH!!! One week later, I found an online store in Canada that had the coins in stock and would ship to my home state. Success, then all I had to do was wait for them to arrive. Today is that day. We have two brand new Wherigo Coins and smiles on our faces. It takes so little to make us happy. Oh, and I will post shortly about Mafia Wife’s new event.



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