This is our very first hiking event. It will be held at the top of a Colorado 14er Grey’s Peak (14,278 ft.). This event is set for the top and is not in the parking lot.Do not attempt this event if you are not able to complete a strenuous hike at high elevations.
This should be a lot of fun – we will hike, talk, and once we get to the summit we will take a break and have some lunch. We start our ascent at 6:00 AM with an intention of being at the summit around 1:00 PM. You can hike with us or make your own way to GZ for the event. We will then take our time enjoying the views as we eat our lunches (BYOL). Around 1:30 PM the event will be over. We will also be going to Torrey’s Peak (14,275 ft.) which is outside of the event but all are welcome to join. We also have plans to hide a Wherigo Geocache while we are up above 14,000 feet, which will be the Highest Wherigo in the World

We hope this to be the start of a regular series of hiking events around Colorado. We would love to build our experience and eventually hike, cache, and bring some friends along to all 14ers in Colorado.

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