Ever wanted to build a Wherigo?

WherigoIf you have ever done a Wherigo and thought you may want too build one of your own, you are like many other cachers. Wherigos, built right, can add a whole new dimension to geocaching. We all want to put out the best hides and create a great geocaching experience. So what has stopped you?

If you are like most cachers, you think building a Wherigo is too difficult, too time consuming, and that you must use some outdated program. The good news is that only one of those three things is true. The builder programs have not been updated since 2008 but… they are not too complicated and you can build your first Wherigo in minutes.

I have fallen in love with the potential Wherigo has to expand upon the experience of geocaching so I have jumped in with both feet. After playing with a few different programs, I feel very comfortable in crafting the cartridges and being able to help others. I have built somewhere in the ballpark of fifty cartridges. I have published several of those but some were made just for fun. The more I chatted with cachers online, the more I ended up helping other troubleshoot programming bugs. At this point, I have built cartridges for others and just flat out given many of my cartridges away to cachers in other states. I’m hoping the more I help others, the more quality Wherigos I will see out there – and be able to hunt myself.

A few of my friends/fellow cachers and Wherigo builders, have decided that we will host an event and offer to help people get familiar with the builder programs. The event will not be until next month but we are already pretty excited about it. In the meantime. I have decided to start posting a few smaller tutorials here on the blog. I will start with the basic download of the Urwigo builder program and progress as far as those reading want to go.

If you are still on the fence, let me entice you with a few of the capabilities and advantages of the Wherigo cache:

  • true night caches (time restrictions built into cartridge)
  • no saturation issues with virtual stages
  • team caching
  • choose your own adventure style games
  • include multimedia (photos, QR codes, sounds)
  • quizzes
  • lower maintenance issues than multis
  • create virtuals, traditionals, multis, earthcaches, puzzles all in one
  • ok to hide in National Parks

I can keep going…and I will if these prove to be successful and useful. If you want to look at some of our Wherigos check them out here. We currently have 15 active Wherigos with plans to make more. If you have any questions as we go through these tutorials feel free to shoot me an email. I also have a google voice phone number 1 (818) 8ME-MFIS.




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