GC5AK2P Greyrock Mountain Wherigo 5/5

Wherigo hiker logoA seven hour hike ending in a Wherigo, a traditional, a multi, and a couple of earth caches – what is not to like?


Ok, yes it is a hike up down and around a mountain but that should’t scare away geocachers in Colorado. Ok, so maybe I did say there were going to be some challenging puzzles. Ok, this is the first 5/5 from Memfis Mafia but still…


Ok, we get it. It is hard but I know there are some out there that are up for the challenge. This is our first 5/5 so we knew it would be a while before we were reading the FTF log but its driving us nuts. Since we have started hiding caches I would say that we enjoy hiding (and reading logs) almost as much as we like finding caches. I’m sure we are not alone in this as I have heard other geocachers express similar sentiment. You put a great deal of effort into crafting the cache, finding a great spot and then you worry –

Will a muggle find it before a cacher?  (It has happened to us)

Will Colorado’s crazy weather destroy the area? (It has happened to us)

Will the FTF have as much fun hiding it as we did hiding it? (We hope its happened to us)

So, for now we will be sitting patiently waiting for that first log. We hope its a doozy!

new Wherigo logo MM


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