IMG_0358This past weekend, I had one of the best hiking and geocaching experiences I have had since living in Colorado. I got to hike my very first (and second, and then kind of my third)  mountain that has an elevation over 14,000 feet. I know the story already sounds crazy so I will back up a bit.


I got got the crazy idea into my head that I was going to hike my first fourteener this season before it got too cold. Uncharacteristicly, I realized that I may not have the knowledge, equipment, or skills necessary to tackle such a mountain without dying. Usually I just jump right in and worry about the risks later. This time I thought ahead and set us a geocaching event, GC5AXDG Let’s Go For A Hike, at the top of the mountain I wanted to hike to. This solved a few things as it arranged for some great company that by default had to have more experience than me.



It worked great. We ended up with a group of about 15 hikers/geocachers, we came away with several geocaches, and we even hid the Highest Wherigo in the World (more on that in a minute). The crazy part is that after hiking to the summit it of Grays Peak, I hiked to Torreys Peak. This is pretty common and an efficient way to grab a second fourteener. Where I lost my senses again is that I then hiked back up to Grays Peak again. It doesn’t really count as a third fourteener but it was fun anyway.


10639660_529803263816642_8656106602406499019_nNow back to hiding the Highest Wherigo in the World. When I started planning this event I researched the geocaches available in the area for us to grab. I came across an interesting piece of information, I could surpass the current record holder for the highest elevation for a Wherigo – by a lot. So I set out to build one. In the end I built, tested and hid a full sized gold ammo can on the mountain. Without hopefully giving too much away, to claim the FTF on this one you will have to make the climb to both 14ers before grabbing the cache and a nice shiny prize.

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