A great hike and a smiley!


We went out for another great hike this morning and ended up with a D5 T5 smiley. You just have to love geocaching in Colorado. That’s not to say we just happened upon the geocache. We planned for it to be part of our hike. In fact, it was a DNF that we needed to avenge. A year or so ago, I was hiking the area alone one day and made the rare smart decision to not bite off more than I could chew. We are talking about a tree climb cache at the end of a difficult hike. Not to mention the many tress to chose from are hanging off the side of a mountain. Today I came back with my secret weapon, the teenage member of the Memfis Mafia. It is always nice to snag another 5/5 smiley but that wasn’t even the best part of the day. I got to enjoy a great hike with my daughter and our faithful four legged cacher, GeoTom.

* a little bonus – we found a cave that was just begin for a cache. I believe it will have one soon. 





My secret weapon! She is climbing in one of the many trees that hang off the edge of the mountain. That is completely safe right?





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