Are Challenge Geocaches on life support or are they dead?

Challenges are on life support.
Challenges are on life support.

So, by now most people know that has enacted a moratorium on Challenge Caches. The question is not whether they made the right decision but what form Challenges will take when, or if, they return. First, I will say that we believe that Challenge Caches are definitely going to return. Our best guess is that the one year moratorium is to give time for to develop a reliable Challenge Checker. I believe all future Challenge Caches will have the stipulation that a checker will be required as proof. There are several checkers that currently exist so we know it is possible. Many people will complain because this will create difficulties for some cachers wanting to publish “personal” challenges. By personal challenges I mean the ones that tell you to do something arbitrary like find caches near graveyards or that have names of furry animals or something else silly like that. Yes those challenges can be hard but I think there can be too many possibilities for challenges.

I don’t see a problem with the challenge checker rule. Challenges should be designed with the goal to accomplish something like the classic Jasmer, Fizzy, 50 states, or 366/calendar challenges. I also like the standard milestone challenges like find 1000 caches or a certain number of the non-traditional types. I do wish there was a way to create challenges for cache/event hiders but understand the reluctance for fear of keeping “quality” at the forefront.

So, again we firmly believe that Challenge Caches will be back, with the added stipulation requiring a checker, and possibly even be their own icon. With that in mind, we want to develop a challenge that is worthy of the new higher level. We are very open to suggestions in crafting this Mafia Challenge. I’m thinking something along the lines of becoming a “made man (cacher)”.

What do you think would make the ultimate challenge?


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