only one to go
only one to go

We have been trying to fill up our 366 calendars for a little while now. We filled up our 366 days of geocache finds on March 31st by attending GC5NRV9 Wherigo Workshop 2. Now we are working on finding a caches that were hidden on each of the 366 days of the year.

It has now come down to only one day. We are missing one find – a cache that was hidden on August 17th. For those who don’t go after challenges this seems like a weird way to target geocaches to find. Is it that people who like stars are drawn to geocaching or that people who like geocaching are drawn to stats? Either way, we are nearing the end of filing out this quirky little stat.

There are a couple of caches that we can get to satisfy this one but we would sure like to make it a fun one. According to Project-GC there are  117 geocaches in Colorado that will satisfy what we need. Which one should we chose? Hopefully, we can report that we have closed out this challenge by next week!

Very likely candidates:

GC2DKJK Westmoor Overpass Traditional

GC157C1 Hoohoos Hodeout Letterbox

GC32FDE Odd Boxes Traditional with 92 fav points

Wish us luck!

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