GC5PHT9 Let’s Go For A Hike 8: No hippies allowed!


What is with the name of that event? Has Memfis finally lost his mind?

You may have figured it out already but I am getting two new hips this summer. Knowing I would be unable to hike for quite a while, we somehow came up with the brilliant idea to tackle the Manitou Incline the day before my first surgery. Yeah, its crazy but I can;t just go out like a punk. Once we, Mafia Wife and I, decided we were going to hike the incline we also though it smart to have other people there with us. Hence, this event was born.

When all was said and done, twenty people hiked with our group (not all geocachers). We all made it to the top and got to celebrate at GZ with a little food and drink. It was a heck of an ordeal but I believe I speak for everyone when I say it was worth it. We found a few caches but unfortunately a fair amount of trash as well. Who in the world would throw down trash in such a beautiful place. It seems to me like there will need to be a CITO there in the future.

This brings me to my point. Have any of you successfully combined a significant hike with a CITO? For that matter, have you combined a CITO with a bike ride, a kayak ride, anything else?

Here are a few photos from the event.


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