3d man W SIGN I have gotten to the point now where I’ve built more Wherigo cartridges than I would ever considering publishing. I have given some away and even deleted others. Then a thought came to me. We, as geocachers, are a group of people that have an inclination toward creativity and curiosity. Geocaching is a games that has so many aspects to it that it would be hard to be the best at all of them. Knowing this, why do we torture ourselves by jamming our square behinds into round holes? This leads me to bartering. I’m sure someone has tried this elsewhere, just not with me. So, I’m going to start it here with an opening offer. I am willing to build a custom Wherigo cartridge of any difficulty level in exchange for… (that would be up to you)… help

I’m sure there are those of you out there like me that need want to fill in every icon on their profile they can. You have wanted to get that icon but have not wanted to tackle the clunky builder program. I understand. We did this initially with hosting events, then lab caches, and then Earthciaches. Wow, those were a whole different beast. I am not a geologist, by any stretch of the imagination. I barely got that one published and it took some serious revisions. I think we all have something we are especially good at within the game and if we work together, the worst that can happen is that we all elevate our game. Let’s see what we can get going!

Drop me an email or just leave a comment on this article.

I am especially interested if you are good with Earthcaches.

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